Magazine Design
Project Name: 
WrapFam Unleashed
Project Overview:
Develop, design, and produce a fully formed monthly digital (print optional) magazine. WrapFam Unleashed is dedicated to celebrating the world of vinyl wraps and the exceptional artisans who bring these vibrant creations to life.

Project Approach:
When beginning a new publication project, my process starts with thorough research of both the audience as well as visual research within related industries.
Visual Research
When beginning a new publication project, my process starts with thorough research. I carefully analyze existing magazines, noting both positive and negative aspects.
In choosing the magazine's fonts and colors, I opted for a modern twist with Lora and Lato fonts, avoiding traditional pairings. Lora brings elegance to headlines, and Lato ensures readability in body text, creating a contemporary yet friendly look. 

Color Palette
The color scheme, centered around a deep blue for trustworthiness, with vibrant accents for emphasis, complements the fonts, making the magazine visually dynamic and engaging.

Heavy imagery use and pops of bright color make the content engaging for the reader. Together, the thoughtful selection of colors and typography creates a visually engaging and reader-friendly magazine design, embodying a modern approach that appeals to today's diverse audience.
Final Magazine Design
More Magazine + Editorial Layout Design
I've had the rewarding experience of contributing to a variety of B2B and B2C publications. Notably, I've played a pivotal role in the foundational development of startups like BAC, Toy & Hauler, Decorative Arts, RV Pro, and WrapFam Unleashed, guiding them from concept to launch. In addition to my foundational work, I've led art direction, crafting distinctive logos and establishing strong branding identities for each of these ventures.
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