Book Design
Project Name: 
The Pursuit
Project Overview:
Write, develop, design, and produce a fully formed digital/print publication that explores a unique narrative concept. This project explores sequential art concepts and design principles.
Project Narrative Summary:
This book design project called, The Pursuit, contrasts the pursuit of success with a simpler, more fulfilling life. It explores a journey of chasing success and wealth, revealing the inner struggles and sacrifices made by those in pursuit of the American dream. The main character finds themselves wondering if there is more to life than work. They discover the hidden truths and sacrifices behind the pursuit of the American dream. It prompts the audience to reflect on their own pursuits of success and fulfillment, questioning whether they are truly free or trapped by their desires.​​​​​​​
Project Approach:
I started my project by outlining a brief summary of my story idea. To help shape the narrative's outline, select the right color palette, and choose fonts, I dove into visual research. After laying this foundation, I fleshed out the story, developing characters and plot in greater detail. To visualize my ideas and set the tone for my project, I created a mood board filled with inspiring images. Finally, to bring the visuals of my book to life, I used Night Cafe AI with custom prompts, generating unique images that perfectly matched my story. 
Visual Research
I began by creating a short summary of my story idea and doing visual research to help formulate a story. 
I selected Marydale, Letter Gothic Bold, and Lato as the fonts for this project. Marydale is used as an accent to represent the emotional aspect of the story. I chose Letter Gothic Bold for the body copy to represent conventionalism. Lato Bold was selected for headings and subheads for its legibility.
Color Palette
To convey the emotional intensity within the book, I opted for a bright color palette. It also helps convey a sense of excitement and hope. This choice amplifies the narrative's emotional depth, adding a vivid layer to the storytelling experience.
Imagery Moodboard
Sample AI Image Prompts
AI Image Creation and Selections
All images were purchased and created uniquely using Night Cafe AI.
Final Book Layout
Additional Book Design
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