Ad Design
Project Name: 
Ad Design: Able to Sail
Project Overview:
This client had mocked up an ad design in Microsoft Word and asked me to recreate it. After seeing the recreated ad, they changed their mind and asked to see versions of the ad redesigned in different ways. They thought they liked the overlayed text but after seeing it, they decided to go a different direction. 
Project Approach:
When designing the ad, I created several versions to present to the client. Once the client chose the one they liked, we made changes until it was exactly the way they wanted it. The red, white, and blue colors were pulled from their logo. 
For the body text, I chose PT Serif—a robust serif font that lends a solid and authoritative tone to the copy. The headlines and subheads feature ITC Avant Garde Gothic Pro Bold, selected for its height and clean lines. This choice not only complements the elongated elegance of sailboat sails but also efficiently maximizes copy space without compromising readability.
Color Palette
The ad's color scheme is directly inspired by the client's brand logo, ensuring a seamless integration of brand identity throughout the advertisement. This deliberate choice reinforces the brand's presence and fosters a strong connection with the audience, making the ad instantly recognizable and enhancing brand consistency.
Digital Sketches
Final Ad Design
The final ad was a clean, well-organized, representation of the brand and the services they offer. 

Final Ad Design

More Ad Design
I started in Graphic Design with ad creations, kicking off as an intern at a publishing company where I quickly got the hang of prepress production and learned to design to spec. Now, designing ads, whether it's bringing a sketch to life or building something fresh from just text and images, is a key part of my daily work.
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