Product Packaging
Project Name: 
Jun Magnolia Labels
Project Overview:
Design product labels for a New Orleans-based alternative to Kombucha.
Project Approach:
Develop product labels to visually convey the ingredients in the alternative Kombucha beverage using natural floral imagery.
For the Jun Magnolia Kombucha product packaging, I selected the fonts Lora, Allura, and Lato. These choices were made to strike a balance between elegance, legibility, and modernity, perfectly complementing the product's brand identity. 
Color Palette
The packaging design utilizes a consistent color foundation of orange and pink for all product flavors, reinforcing brand recognition. To distinguish between the various flavors, each one features two additional unique colors that reflect the specific floral infusions, adding a layer of visual differentiation and appeal.
Digital Sketches/Variations
Final Labels
More Packaging
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